Telemedicine Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of computer or technology do I need before having my Video Visit?

You need to have a computer equipped with a webcam and microphone. You can also use your smart phone or tablet.

2. Is the visit secure?

Yes, telemedicine is HIPAA compliant and is encrypted to protect the patient’s privacy. The communications are not recorded.

3. How do I make sure that people can see me?

Once you click on button that says, “Click to start video call” your device may ask for permission to access your microphone and video camera. You will need to allow access to both.

4. I am in the “Visit Video Room” and only see myself, now what?

This means that not all participants (Provider and Patient) have joined the meeting. Once all participants are in the room you will be able to see and hear each other. You may need to adjust your speaker volume as well as unmute your microphone.

5. What if I can’t see or hear my provider?

It is possible that both the provider and the patient are both connected but neither can see or hear each other. In this case, call 717-763-0430 and ask for Scheduling.

6. I still need technical assistance. How can I get help?

Please call Technical Support at 717-763-0430 x 314.

Note: PA GI Consultants is not responsible for additional charges incurred for excess cellular data usage.