Patient FAQ

Please refer to our Procedure Preparation Medical Guidelines for detailed information about diet and medications you take prior to your procedure.

If you have questions, call the nurse at 717-763-0430 option 3 and leave a message. They will get back to you as soon as possible. If calling after hours, leave a message on the emergency line and the on-call physician will return your call. This includes prep problems. Do not wait until the morning of the procedure to call.

Note: PA GI Consultants is not responsible for additional charges incurred for excess cellular data usage.

Transportation FAQs

Why can’t I drive home?

It is illegal for you to drive after receiving anesthesia. Patients without a driver may have their procedure cancelled. Please arrange for transportation.

Can I leave my car parked at PA GI overnight?

You can; however, you assume all risks associated with leaving your vehicle.

If I have someone drive me, does my driver have to wait on site?

No. We can call your driver when you are ready to leave. Please provide us with the driver’s phone number and make sure they are easily accessible.

Taking Medications

Should I take my medications the morning of my procedure?

You should take your blood pressure medication, heart medication, and medication for seizures and inhalers. Do not take blood thinners. All other medications should be held until after the procedure. If you are diabetic please call your primary care doctor for adjustments in your insulin dosage.

Can I take my sleeping pill the night before?


Procedure Preparation

What if I can’t drink the prep solution?

Contact the on-call physician at (717) 763-0430. Leave a message on the emergency line with contact information, and the physician will call you back. Call early so that we can offer alternatives when needed.

Cherry and orange flavor packets are available, the prep instructions say nothing red or orange colored. May I use them?

You may use the flavor packets that are available. They flavor the liquid. They do not add any color to the solution.

How soon will the laxatives start to work?

Everyone is different. Some people will have results within 15 minutes. Others may not have results for up to two hours.

Should I take off work the afternoon I start my prep?

You are going to have diarrhea after you take the laxative tablets and will feel more comfortable in your own bathroom. If necessary, you can begin the bowel preparation later in the afternoon.

May I have coffee or soda on the day of my prep?

You may have up to two cups of black coffee or soda before noon on the day before your procedure.

Can I eat on the day of my prep?

You may have clear liquids only. NO SOLID FOOD. A clean colon provides the most accurate test.

Will I be able to talk to the doctor before my procedure?

Yes. You will speak to the doctor before and after the procedure.

Do I need to remove nail polish and jewelry?


Test Results

When will I get my test results?

Patients who undergo testing performed at Pennsylvania Gastroenterology Consultants and Digestive Disease Institute will be notified of the results usually within 10 days by phone or mail. Patients are encouraged to contact our office for test results if they are not notified within this period of time.